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Aixin Foodstuffs Co., Ltd was founded in 1994,which is one of earliest buckwheat processing / import and export trade enterprises in China. We have nearly 30 years manufacturing experience for buckwheat flour . Owning 100000 acres of organic farming base in Inner Mongolia ,we have advanced production equipment, professional flour milling technology, strict quality control process, stable quality and complete production line. Now we are providing raw material to more than 100 well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Aixin is specialized in production of buckwheat flour (Sweet Buckwheat/Tartary Buckwheat), Buckwheat Pre-mixed flour, Buckwheat flour, Roasted buckwheat flour, Buckwheat flour for Korean cuisine,Baked buckwheat flour, Dietary fiber powder, etc. All the products are mainly exported to Japan, South Korea, Europe, America , Russia and so on.

Since its foundation, Aixin has taken independent research and development to the road of innovation, constantly develop new products in view of market demand. Our buckwheat flour series products is from the first grade of raw materials, natural and no additives, It also could be customized according to clients' requirements, such as the color of buckwheat flour according to customer requirements.

Buckwheat flour is widely used for lots of food,such as noodles, instant noodles, bread,cakes, cookies,Dumplings, Korean cuisine noodles and French pancakes etc. The noodles which made by our buckwheat flour are fragrant and smooth , with strong taste and continuous texture, which are deeply loved by all of customers.


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