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Tartary buckwheat germ tea

Since 1994, AIXIN had owned nearly 30 years manufacturing history for Tartary buckwheat tea/ Tartary black buckwheat tea ---- Aixin is one of the first domestic enterprises in research/development production and sales for Tartary buckwheat tea. The monthly output is over 1000 tons. We have strict control quality, stable quality, complete and rich product line, specialized exported to Japan / South Korea/ Europe/ the United States and Russia, etc. At the same time, we cooperate with many domestic enterprises and e-commerce businesses, accounting for more than 70% of the market.

We owned varied and complete product lines, including original flavor Tea A #aroma tea B#Strong taste C #Bag tea (special for exporting), Whole germ teaPuffed/Expanded germ teaTartary buckwheat stem and leaf teawhole plant tea, etc. At present, with the continuous expansion of the product line, we can also provide a stable supply of high-quality Barley tea.



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