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Puffed Tartary buckwheat ball

Aixin Foodstuffs Co., Ltd was founded in 1994, which is one of the earliest Buckwheat processing,import and export trade enterprises in China,Main products include Ripened /Cooked grain products, divided into the following categories:

Series 1Crispy rice and crispy products for chocolate/ice cream, size 2mm--15mm, colors optional, grain varieties optional, with crisp taste and fragrant grain;

Series 2: Cooked and Puffed cereals for convenience food (Instant Porridge),such as Buckwheat flakesTartary buckwheat flakesCorn flakesBlack rice flakesBrown rice flakes, Barley flakes, Black cereal, Whole cereal, Oat flakes, Millet flakes, Sorghum flakes, Semen coicis flakes, nutritional compound cereal flakes, etc. With crisp taste and fast water absorption, all the products status could be adjusted according to customer's requirements; the balanced nutrition can meet the needs of different consumers.

Series 3: Rice grains or balls used for leisure food, such as Buckwheat balls, Tartary buckwheat balls, Corn balls, Black rice balls, Purple rice balls, Brown rice balls, Barley balls, Whole wheat balls, Oatmeal balls, compound nutrition grains, etc.

Series 4Cooked buckwheat flour/powderCooked Tartary buckwheat flour/powder, Rice flour,  Pregelatinize rice flour, Puffed rice flour, Corn flour, Black rice flour, Brown rice flour, Purple rice flour, Barley flour, Wheat flour, Rye flour, Oat flour etc., It can be used for Health-care food, dairy products, condiments food , etc. These products meet the health needs of today's consumers for balanced nutrition and new demand.

Series 5: Cooked and puffed buckwheat flakes for breakfast, such as Tartary buckwheat flakes, Corn flakes, Black rice flakes, Brown rice flakes, Barley flakes, Black cereal, Whole grain cereals, Oatmeal, Millet flakes, etc., With crisp taste and fast water absorption, all the product status could be adjusted according to customer's requirements; At present, Multigrain cerealBuckwheat cerealBlack Tartary buckwheat cereal are especially favored by consumers and manufacturers.



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