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l  Aixin Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.

l  Aidian Imp. & Exp Trading Co., Ltd.

l  Everstrong INC. (America)


TPFTZ Aixin Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. is a joint venture enterprise specializes at researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing health tea, sugar free food, instant food, leisure food and raw material for biological pharmacy etc.

With the creed of “people first and customers first”, the company has obtained rich scientific research achievements with strong technological force, advanced experimental testing means and instruments. Equipped with brilliant technical staffs, scientific production management and high standard technological design, we aim at providing excellent and safe food. The staffs in Aixin elaborately develop quality products for the health and happiness of man. All are for customers. Welcome talents from different places to join in this large family. We share trials and hardships together with you. We have the same pursuit. We have a dream, i.e. seeking forever. Aixin Group, health creating.


Main products:

Buckwheat series: buckwheat, buckwheat kernel, bitter buckwheat (Tartary Buckwheat), roasted buckwheat kernel (roasted buckwheat kernels), bitter buckwheat kernel (bitter buckwheat kernels) and buckwheat flour (buckwheat powder).

Sugar free food: buckwheat tea, bitter buckwheat tea, buckwheat honey, puffed buckwheat kernel, breakfast conjee, milk tea, biscuits, multivitamin milk, vitamin E milk, teabag, gift tea, diet tea and puffed cereal.

Flour series: ultrafine flour, buckwheat flour (buckwheat powder), stone milled buckwheat flour, stone milled buckwheat power, roasted buckwheat flour, steamed buckwheat flour, puffed flour, roasted buckwheat powder (flour), roasted bitter buckwheat flour and bitter buckwheat flour (bitter buckwheat powder) etc.

Rice series: steamed rice, steamed glutinous rice, instant rice, parboiled rice, steamed pearl barley and steamed pearl barley kernel.

Puffed series: puffed rice, puffed rice flour, puffed whole-buckwheat flour, puffed glutinous flour, puffed soybean flour, puffed rice powder, puffed corn flour, puffed cereals, puffed food, puffed or steamed rice flour, steamed rice flour, steamed rice powder, steamed glutinous rice flour, steamed glutinous rice powder, roasted soybean flour, roasted soybean powder, base material of oatmeal, base material of rice flour, oatmeal and oatmeal flour etc.

Raw material for biological pharmacy: natural vitamin E oil, vitamin E oil, fatty acid, bitter buckwheat leaves flour and bitter buckwheat rutin.

Others: Green tea powder, Jerusalem artichoke powder, Inulin, Baked cassia powder, Baked cassia tea, Cooked Buckwheat germ powder, Cooked Tartary Buckwheat germ powder, Cooked oat powder etc.

PackagingValve Bags, Square Bottom Bags, Pinch Bottom Bags, Sewn Open Mouth Bags



Aidian Imp. & Exp. Trading Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Aidian Imp. & Exp. Trading Co., Ltd. is established in 1994. The company mainly deals with buckwheat, buckwheat kernel, buckwheat hulls, buckwheat flour, roasted buckwheat kernel, buckwheat tea, broken buckwheat, broomcorn millet, foxtail millet, hemp seed, read bean, mung bean and different kidney bean etc. The annual trade volume is over 40,000 MT each year. The products are mainly exported to Japan, Korea and European countries such as England and Russia etc. In order to control the quality and delivery time, the company established purchasing agent network in the main producing localities of buckwheat in China. The company possesses a warehouse over 15,000㎡. Additionally, a modern and comprehensive factory is also set up. All of these made it possible to provide quality products at favorable prices.

We sincerely hope to establish trade relationship with you. We will persist in equality mutual benefit forever and cooperate with you friendly to exchanged needed goods. We attach much importance to contract and we keep credit too.

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