Valve pocket classification

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Valve pocket classification 

Valve pocket can be divided into: PP valve pocket, PE valve pocket, paper plastic composite valve pocket, kraft valve pocket and multi-layer Kraft valve pocket.


PP valve pocket is made of the upper or lower valve mouth of polypropylene woven cloth, which can improve the packing efficiency compared with the general PP woven bag.

PE valve pocket is made of polyethylene woven cloth valve mouth; 


The paper/plastic composite valve pocket is based on the plastic woven bag (cloth for short) as the base material, which is made by the flow extension method (cloth/film composite is two in one, cloth/film/paper composite is three in one);

Kraft valve pocket material is mainly Kraft paper, which is divided into imported Kraft paper and domestic Kraft paper two.


According to the opening position,Valve pocket can be divided into: upper opening valve pocket, bottom opening valve pocket, upper and bottom opening valve pocket. 

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